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The Cool and Nonchalant World of Larry June – Original Merchandise!

Step into the relaxed, yet vibrant world of Larry June, hailing straight from the sunny alleys of San Francisco. Born Larry Eugene Hendricks, this unique artist makes his mark by fusing classic soul, pleasing jazz, and smooth, mellow hip-hop tinged with his quirky phrases, such as, “Good Job Larry” and his iconic, “Yee-hee.”

Not only is Larry June known for his eclectic music but also his relatable narratives involving everyday life, healthy lifestyle endorsed with all-natural orange juice and Farmer’s Market fanfare, and sometimes even the electrifying realms of financial advice.

Now, you can shop an array of official Larry June merchandise, designed to echo his cool, laid-back Californian demeanour. From trendy t-shirts, cozy sweatshirts, hip headgear to vibrant posters, each item is an embodiment of Larry’s unique persona and iconic catchphrases! Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to Larry’s chilled-out music vibes, the Larry June merchandise is a refreshing addition to your collection. Dive in, and as Larry himself would say, “Yee-hee.”

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Feeling the vibe? Step into our store and rock some Californian coolness. Embrace the style that echoes laid-back grooves and iconic catchphrases. Fresh gear for your everyday hustle here. Yee-hee!